Whenever I ask our featured bands what other bands we should be checking out, the one name keeps coming up over and over is The Happy Hollows. After finally getting out one of their recent live shows at the Hammer Museum I can see why.

On stage The Happy Hollows are like an energy feedback loop, taking what the audience has to give and turning it back on them threefold. By the end of their all too short set that night, singer Sarah Negahdari was so positively charged, a simple goodnight turned into a series of happy screams. It was an honest, emotional purging... a way to convey her utter appreciation for each and every person that was there to see them perform. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the next band. There was just no way they could come close to matching what the Hollows had just brought to the stage.

If you’re in LA, I highly recommend seeking them out. And no matter where you are, their album “Spells” is a definite must have... especially if you’re turned on by the sounds of The Breeders, Lush, Shonen Knife or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about The Happy Hollows?

SARAH NEGAHDARI : We are called the Happy HOllows..NOT HAllows...:)

GA: I saw you on a recent episode of Parenthood. What other show would you love to be on and what would you be doing?

SN: Entourage!!!! Actually last week they were filming an episode across the street from my apartment! I walked on set and pretended like I belonged there! Then I felt super awkward when they started filming, so I walked back home. Hmmm....I would be Turtle's girlfriend!!! hahaha! He would be like.."hey guys, I'm dating Sarah of the Happy Hollows now, so she'll be hanging around a LOT. I would seranade Turtle with my song Paint a Rocket...It would be so incredible! ;)

GA: Favorite museum to get lost in for an afternoon?


GA: Favorite dead (or presumed dead) artist?

SN: Alphonse Mucha

GA: What other local band or bands (besides yourselves of course) should people be checking out?

SN: Dios, George Glass, Pity Party, Rare Grooves, One Trick Pony, Eagle and Talon, Random Patterns, Traps ps, Death to Anders, Dirt Dress, Useless Keys, to name a few.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

SN: In space. If a billionaire could just fly a bunch of awesome artists out into space, and we could perform in a shuttle for each other, that would be awesome. Or, even better, land on the moon and perform and create a bunch of music together, and beam it back to earth via satellite. That would be IDEAL.

GA: Mythical creature you wish was real?

SN: Mermaids..but every woman knows they are real so I don't have to wish for that.

Pick up their album “Spells” here!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “High Wire”, “Faces” & “We Will Find You”