Sure, there’s a lot I could say about this week’s genre effing duo Elmenopy, but nothing would compare to the very permanent statement made by the diehard fan being serenaded during this week’s performance.

I first heard Elemenopy about two months back while they were performing at the Unknown Theater in Hollywood. You can find them there performing most weeks... And with good reason. Besides being insanely talented musicians (effortlessly trading off on guitar, drums and other random instruments throughout the show, sometimes within the same song) they’re a hell of a lot of fun live. Mixing originals with crowd pleasing covers and creative mash-ups they had people literally stripping down and dancing in the isles the night I was in attendance.

If they were able to capture even a fraction of that live energy in the studio, their upcoming album will definitely be worth checking out.

Here’s what the guys from Elemenopy had to say about their music and the dangers of drunken proclamations:

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Elemenopy?

ELEMENOPY: The world needs to know that we are its favorite rock and/or roll band. You'd think folks would be born with this instinctive knowledge, but sometimes they need to be reminded. Oh, and also, we have a new record coming out.

GA: What can people expect from your new album?

EL: "The Sound That Thursday Built" includes 13 new original tracks of eclectic genre-effing material that captures the raw energy and emotion of our live performances. As the title suggests, these songs are the product of our freedom to experiment and grow musically through our continued residency at Unknown Theater in Hollywood (Which started as a weekly Thursday night showcase and has since moved to Saturdays and Sundays)

GA: How did you manage to talk someone into Tattooing your faces on themselves for your album cover?

EL: Actually, our friend Sax came to us with the idea! He is one our most devoted fans and he proclaims himself "prone to grand gestures." He wanted to celebrate his birthday by getting an Elemenopy tattoo live onstage during one of our shows at Unknown Theater. We thought maybe it just the beer talking when he first suggested it, but he obviously followed through, and we in turn naturally made it our album cover. The artwork was designed and inked by our mutual friend Jon Tomashefsky. We hope this starts a trend.

GA: If you could make any celebrity to get the same tattoo, who would you make do it and where would you make them get it?

EL: We'd make Lil Wayne get one on his face right underneath his teardrop tattoos. It would be mutually beneficial because Elemenopy would get a lot of free publicity and it would give Lil Wayne a lot more street cred (since nothing is more gangsta than a face full of Elemenopy!) That or a tramp stamp for Sarah Palin.

GA: What other 5 consecutive letters would you have gone with as a band name if L,M,N,O & P were already taken?

EL: Well we're definitely partial to those 5, so maybe instead of choosing different letters we'd choose a different alphabet. Perhaps the greek alphabet, because "Lambda Mu Nu Omicron Pi" has a nice ring to it. Plus it sounds like an epic fraternity.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

EL: Center stage at a completely empty Hollywood Bowl, shot with a wide angle lens from the very last row.

GA: What movie or TV show should unnecessarily be re-made so you can provide the soundtrack?

EL: MTV's brilliant 90's sketch comedy show The State. It wouldn't even matter what we had to record, even if it was just dead silence, it'd be worth it to get TV's funniest comedy troupe back together. We would totally dip our balls in it.

Elemenopy’s new album “The Sound That Thursday Built” is coming very soon.

You can get their EP “Sgt. Walrus’s Westward Journey” now at cdbaby.

HIGHLIGHTS: “Tell Kim I Said Hi” & “God is a Funny Guy”