Much like the comparisons Muse got with early Radiohead when they first came on the scene, Modern Time Machines will likely get saddled with comparisons to early Smashing Pumpkins. Listening to them for the first time, you can’t help but draw the comparison . The heavy, droning guitar, the hushed, whispery vocals, the hip, one word titles like “Dweeb” and “Quinlyn”... they all make you feel like you’ve unearthed some long-lost b-sides to SP’s “Gish”. But just like Muse, Modern Time Machines becomes their own thing entirely by zigging musically where Smashing Pumpkins zagged.

It works. And the people seem to agree, having voted them #1 on KROQ’s Locals Only this past Sunday.

Here’s what Modern Time Machines had to say about their music and their favorite cinematic time travel devices.

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Modern Time Machines?

MODERN TIME MACHINES: We are a band from L.A. We all love movies... a sort of cinematic flair has been known to infiltrate our songs from time to time. Our violin/keyboard player Chanda being a film composer probably lends that to happening some. To keep things interesting, we try to mix things up at our live shows, so you might see little tweaks to the arrangements of songs from show to show. Lately we're doing more multi-tasking at our live shows, like sending texts while using our smartphones as ebows.

GA: What are your current plans for musical world domination?

MTM: Currently, we're in the midst of recording a collection of songs which we aim to have completed sometime this century. Knowing when a song recording is truly done (no more tweaking) can be a challenge. We've put up a couple new tunes on myspace/facebook as a preview of what's to come... grateful that radio stations like KROQ 106.7 FM and KSPC 88.7 FM are giving us continued airplay and support. Once we're done with our current batch of songs, we plan to play some out of town shows. We see a music video, new t-shirt designs and vinyl in our future.

GA: Favorite modern time machine movie?

MTM: Would have to be Hot Tub Time Machine, absolutely loved it. There aren't too many Modern Time Machine movies being made (and they're often sucky, like "The Time Machine" remake).

GA: Favorite old-timey time machine movie?

MTM: Back to the Future... Part 2. Just kidding - Part 1 without a doubt. The sequels are good too though.

GA: What other local band or bands (besides yourselves of course) should people be checking out?

MTM: Hexham Heads, Light FM, The Monolators, Useless Keys, Nightmare Air, Kissing Cousins, Space Waves, New Planets, Dirt Bird, Wrong Way Driver, Lost Lake, Amazing Reverb Engine, Letting Up Despite Great Faults... it's stunning and almost crazy just how many awesome bands there are locally.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

MTM: Maybe Mount Rushmore?

GA: Hovercraft or Jetpack?

MTM: Gotta be Jetpack because of the Gilligan's Island episode where Gilligan wears the jetpack. Plus I think ordinary members of the public can apparently purchase them now for a cool 90 grand.

Stay tuned for info on when you can get your hands on Modern Time Machines’ new album.

In the meantime, you can check out their music on their MySpace.


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