We’re taking a little breather this week to give you a few rough outtakes and bonus performances we had lying around from our first month of shooting.

First up is fan fave Freddy & Francine, live and unplugged from the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel. Before knocking out their stellar performance of “Safe and Sound” we shared a few weeks back, Lee and Bianca tested the waters with this little ditty. You’ll notice them getting very quiet about a minute in as we passed by the operators the first time around. At that point we still weren’t sure if we were going to get in trouble for playing or not. This one’s very rough, but a whole lot of fun:

This second one is more of a bonus performance than an outtake. While playing the 3rd Street Promenade, Infantree performed a number of songs besides “Speak Up”. This one was included as special unlockable track when they were originally featured. If for some reason you missed it the first time around or didn’t get the special code, here it is now unlocked for all the world to see:

And rounding out this week’s trio of performances, we have an outtake from last week’s featured band Hello My Name Is Red. After performing “Kids With Guns” they unmasked and played one last track (one of my faves) as a train was passing by. Enjoy: