Imagine if you will... an alternate reality wherein Grace Slick, distraught at having her plan to dose president Richard Nixon foiled at the last minute, takes enough acid to project her consciousness forward in time -- skipping over all that unfortunate Starship business in the early-to-mid 80’s -- and into a fiery young California native with a hard to spell name. Listening to “Golden Boots”, the opening track of Spirit Vine’s debut EP, you can easily imagine such a reality could exist. It’s a great collection of tunes that effortless channels that bygone era through a modern day filter without ever feeling like it’s trying.

Unfortunately, at only three tracks, Spirit Vine’s “Golden” EP is a bit of a tease... albeit a really good one that you should definitely pick up. Fortunately they are gearing up to record a follow-up later in the year. I’m really looking forward hearing where their spirit takes them next.

Singer Jacquelline Cingolani and guitarist Aaron Bustos chimed in for the band on their influences, alternate career aspirations and more...

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Spirit Vine?

AARON BUSTOS: Ah, the ultimate question-I don't know, but a simple internet hand shake will suffice for introductions, "Hello World, it's nice to meet you."

JACQUELINNE CINGOLANI: Uhhh... hi world we know you are rockin' and a ramblin'....but can you please tell Syd Barret we need a few words with him in the underground?

GA: What does the world not need to know about Spirit Vine... In other words, what deep dark secrets are you hiding?

AB: If we weren't playing music we'd prolly still be a band but a band of foodies, we love eating, cooking for each other, and other than music that's all we talk about. We recently had a little party at our pracky spot with people that we know from bands, promoters, photogs, and fans alike-it's going to be a recurring thing at our house hold practice spot every month, so look out for the invite!

JC: In the wise words of the Descendents " i like food, food tastes good, Juicy burgers, greasy fries, turkey legs and raw fish eyes, teenage girls with ketchup too!"

GA: You sound seems very influenced by the late 60s psychedelia. Who are some of your influences from that era?

AB: I think we're influenced by the 60s as much as any music lover really, it was a great era for music, and its not the only era we listen to or look too, we take from everyone, but to answer your question without stating the obvious e.g. Dylan Stoned Beatle, heres a few groups instead you should check out: The Seeds, Them, The Breakers, Sir Douglas Quintet, Rodriguez, The Count 5, The Equals, Jesse Mae Hemphill, The Flamin' Groovies, and Wendy Rene.

JC: Influenced by Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Memphis Jug Band, Howlin' Wolf, weed

GA: Where do you stand on proposition 19? And please answer in the form of a haiku.

AB: They just want control
over taxes, they still call,
gateway drug, puff pass, Grandma!

JC: Just grow it baby,
It is cheaper and really,
Health care reform now

GA: What other local artists (besides yourselves of course) should people be checking out?

AB: They should ONLY be checking us out...but at the top of my head check out these cats too: Dios, Roughed Up Folk, Jared Dreams of Far Out Things, Restavrant, The Bellys (not really local but they're local somewhere else myspace.com/ilovebellys), Allah Las, Cigarette Bums, Dante Vs. Zombies, and Sweaters.

JC: Warpaint, Darker My Love, The Happy Hollows, Roughed Up Folk, Shadow Shadow Shade, The Growlers, Black Flamingo, Spider Problem, Seasons, Hexham Heads

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

AB: In a womb.

JC: In Spain with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

GA: Final words of wisdom?

AB: Don't be a dog on a leash working for someone, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

JC: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand" - Albert Einstein but related to me through the best man on the planet...my pops

Pick up Spirit Vine’s “Golden” EP now!