We arrived that day with the fog. A large bank of grey pushing in from the ocean, smudging out the sun and twisting the sound of the planes landing at LAX into strange, otherworldly roars. It felt like the last scene in the Mist. I could almost picture a large Lovecraftian beast lumbering by, snatching up innocents with its long, hungry tentacles. The performance we captured that day was much less ominous. Or was it? Well, that depends on where you are in life.

See, Radars to the Sky is the sound of indie rock all grown. It’s what happens when the hipsters move from their crappy Echo Park apartments to the ‘burbs and start settling down. When they trade in their PBRs for baby bottles and micro brews. When they look back at their misspent youth and forward to a life dedicated to family. To some that might be a terrifying thing. To me, its kind of refreshing. A decidedly hip unhip. And it works absolutely.

Radars to the Sky will be performing this coming weekend at The Bootleg Theater in support of the new documentary on LAs east side music scene, “Pass the Music”. Manhattan Murder Mystery will also be on hand along with members of several other previously featured bands including, The Happy Hollows, Seasons, Last in Class and Modern Time Machines. Sounds like the place to be Saturday night.

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Radars to the Sky?

RADARS TO THE SKY: Well, we're in a bit of a state of transition, having lost Rob and, at least temporarily, Kate. And we haven't been super active lately. But we're still making music and we'll be out there with some new music soon.

GA: Did Santa get you everything you wanted for Christmas this year?

RTTS: Santa gave me a full ten days off work, which is the best present out there. And I was walking four days after knee surgery, so that was really nice too. But I do have to say I was pretty jealous when our daughter got a Star Wars figure, Playmobil set, and a bunch of other cool toys and I got socks. Getting old stinks.

GA: Any resolutions for the new year?

RTTS: To get some more recording done. We were just talking the other day about how we now have about 15 songs in various state of readiness.

GA: What’s your involvement in the “Pass the Music” documentary?

RTTS: Ryan Maples, Byron Tejada, and Jason Tovar have been slaving away for the last few years, filming bands and bloggers and other folks and getting tons of great footage. They interviewed, I think, dozens of bands and got a bunch of live footage too. And we were totally flattered to find that we were one of a few bands that they chose to focus on. We saw an almost finished cut of the film and there's some really great footage of a lot of great bands. We're playing a set (with a full horn section!) for the premiere next Saturday, Jan. 21, at The Bootleg Theatre. They're showing the movie at 8:00 and then there's two stages of music till closing. Should be a great night.

GA: You mentioned you have a new EP coming out soon. What can we look forward to?

RTTS: It's four songs that we recorded during the sessions for our last album. One is a Big Bang - esque long Martsch-ian jam. Another is a B-side from The Bends, and there are a couple of covers.

GA: What other local artists (besides yourself of course) should we be checking out?

RTTS: Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out and check out a lot of local music lately. A few years ago we felt like part of a vibrant community and that, more than anything else, was what made it so fun to be playing shows - playing with friends, going to see other great bands, being challenged and inspired. Simply because real life has gotten in the way, I've really missed that the last couple of years. But we have shared a practice space with two great bands doing really interesting, creative stuff -- George Glass and Little Red Lung. We also recently played with Francisco the Man, who were fantastic. And the recent Western States Motel record is fantastic. They nail it live too. Oh, and you've gotta check out David Newton and Thee Mighty Angels. The first song on their e.p. gets stuck in my head for days. There, that wasn't so bad.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

RTTS: There's an abandoned castle in Wales called Caernarvon I visited once as a mid. It's a magical place, you can imagine the people living there in medieval days, and the scenery is gorgeous bit would make an amazing back drop and the acoustics inside might be fantastic. We'll meet you there next fall.

GA: Last words?

RTTS: Thanks for coming to our sleepy little abode and putting up with the manure. Can't wait to see the video.

Pick up Radars to the Sky’s latest release here!



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