Outside of an all girl band, it is very rare to see a female taking on lead guitar duties. For the most part, it seems they are usually relegated to bass, keys or vocals. So it was really cool to realize that this was the second week in a row we’ve featured a band with a lovely lady on lead (sorry, couldn’t resist the opportunity for alliteration). Here’s hoping this trend continues.

Lineup aside, asking The Monthlies to perform was kind of a no-brainer. After one listen to their very catchy, very fun single “Hip Girl” I knew I had to have them on. It’s one of those rare songs that could easily rise up the charts given the opportunity. An opportunity that, after listening to the rest of their catalog, seems like only a matter of time.

The Monthlies have a new EP out tomorrow, so be sure to show them some support if you’re in the LA area by going to Spaceland Tuesday night for their release party. And for those out of town, check their website for details on how to pick up a copy.

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about The Monthlies?

WES O’LEE: Everything they want to know except the part about us wrecking the van at SXSW, oh wait, too late.

JANA BONDERMAN: We are real people with feelings. When you cut us we bleed. When you love us, we will hug you tight.

CHRIS HALL: We are in the business of making you cry and smile at the same time.

NICK MILLER: We love music and we love deal with it!

GA: What are The Monthlies’ super powers?

WES: The ability to Assemble, as it were, and make people enjoy themselves. People smile a lot when we play. I'm not sure if it's because they are tipsy or happy. I always assume it's both.

CHRIS: Assembling, indeed. and we have super human abilities to run up bar tabs.

JANA: When we form, we shout "Monthlies Assemble!" then we all wear colorful jumpsuits and rock so hard you poop your pants. Everyone's eyes turn black, like in True Blood, but instead of an orgy, everyone pogos. And poops. Pogo and poop. It's not a myth. I become the left arm of the assembled superbot. Noone will ever come see us again after reading this.

NICK: We have superpowers? I sure got the short end of the stick...

GA: Your new EP “Horror Flick” comes out tomorrow. What can people expect from it?

JANA: Three amazing new singles and a cover song that will forever be played at junior high school proms the world over. Oh, and guest cowbell on "The Road." For reals.

WES: It's short and sweet. There is a cover of 'Come On Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners and 3 new originals fast medium and slow, to cover all the bases.

CHRIS: A nice flow of songs, all unique but tied together somehow. It left me feeling optimistic when I listened to it the other day.

NICK: We are very proud of the new EP. Now we are ready for the next one. The artwork was done by the amazing Matty Byloos. Hes awesome.

GA: Favorite horror flick?

JANA: 28 Days Later is pretty rad. Just the music alone creeps me out.

NICK: I usually close my eyes during scary movies...but the Shining is pretty great

WES: The Exorcist.

CHRIS: Gasland (documentary). About natural gas drilling ruining drinking water. People were lighting their tapwater on fire, no joke. Seriously watch that, I cant believe it - but it's true.

GA: What other local band or bands (besides yourselves of course) should people be checking out?

JANA: We love our friends Spirit Vine, and not just because their drummer is Wes's brother either! Other friends we love are The French Semester, The New Fidelity, The Active Set, Silver Phial, Lemon Sun, Union Line, Wells of Rickett and I'm sure I'm forgetting forty others.

NICK: Gotta love the Steelwells, Karabal Nightlife, and our buddy Mister Nervous is always a fun time. But you better check out Ragsy first.

WES: All of what Jana said plus, Cola Cola, Olin and the Moon, Erin Armstrong (My Imaginary Friends) and The Robotanists.

CHRIS: I think these guys all nailed it

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

JANA: In the middle of Tuscany, surrounded by wine and cheese.

NICK: Anywhere in japan please.

WES: On a train winding through a mountain pass.

CHRIS: Pilates class

GA: Word of the day?

JANA: Bacon.

NICK: I concur with Bacon.

WES: Arbitrary.

CHRIS: Beach.

You can pick up their full length album “Monthlies Assemble” here!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Hip Girl”, “Lucky Ones”


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