“Oh, no” was my first thought when I first got Fay Wolf’s performance request. I get plenty of solo singer/songwriter/actor (gasp) submissions and 99% of them are barely worth the time it takes to read the e-mail. For some reason though, I held off on that delete button and decided to give her a listen. Why? Who knows... but I’m glad I did. Fay’s self proclaimed “sad piano songs” do more than just tell stories, they paint delicate, emotional pictures that recall other talented female solo artists like Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos or Ani DeFranco. It’s no surprise her music has been used to enhance scenes on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, On Tree Hill and Covert Affairs.

So, what does Fay have against happy piano songs you may ask? Find out the answer to that question and more in our interview below the break...


GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Fay Wolf?

FAY WOLF: I will always have snacks in my bag. Always.

GA: You said you inner singer/songwriter was only recently awakened. What was the alarm clock?

FW: Yeah, pretty huge surprise, the whole writing-songs thing. I imagine the initial catalyst was probably my father’s death five years ago. As those kinds of things tend to do, the event brought a whole lot of, um, waking up, so to speak. Stuff that was buried beneath the surface started to peek out. A few years after that, you throw in a little heartbreak and some stars aligning, and the songs started coming out involuntarily. Mighty grateful for 'em, too.

GA: What do you have against happy piano songs?

FW: Ha. Yes, I say I write sad piano songs. And I do. But I tend to exploit that fact because I think there’s a very funny side to even the darkest shit. At my live shows, the sad song parade is usually interspersed with me cracking stupid jokes. Sometimes I can’t help making light of things, but sometimes it’s good to let the audience really sit in some heaviness, too. Case-by-case basis. But I'm kind of realizing that most songs are sad. A lot of upbeat pop songs are about longing and lost loves and "how could you do that to me", etc. etc. It’s interesting how many lyrics we’ve memorized from childhood that we’ve never actually listened to. Funfact: my tune "Yours" is actually a happy song disguised as a sad one. Maybe I've got a few more up the sleeve, we'll see..

GA: First album you spent your own hard earned money on as a kid?

FW: It was surely a Skid Row disc. I ain't ashamed to say it also MAY have been Slaughter's "Stick It To Ya." ...What.

GA: What other local artists (besides yourself of course) should people be checking out?

FW: Rachael Cantu, Eastern Conference Champions, The Belle Brigade, Io Echo, Eleisha Eagle, Stephen Wrabel, Ben Lee, Emily Wells, Holly Conlan, Powerfox & Ponymane...

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

FW: Sad songs at the entrance to The Happiest Place on Earth would be pretty hilarious. Anaheim ain’t too far.

GA: Your facebook says you're a Battlestar enthusiast. If they were to do yet another reboot of the show, who would you want to play?

FW: For Halloween last year, I dressed up as an older version of Hera, the half-human, half-cylon baby from the show. I’m half-black and half-Jewish, so I felt like I had a rare-enough combo to pull it off. By the way, I think they ARE doing yet another reboot, called Blood & Chrome. Wow, I’m a geek.

Pick up Fay’s “Blankets” EP now!



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