This week we hit Union Station for our most guerrilla shoot in quite some time with Soft Pipes, performing what could be one of the most mature break-up songs ever put to tape (seriously, pay attention to those lyrics). I honestly didn’t think we’d be able to pull this one off as there were rumors that morning of a bomb scare somewhere downtown. But, in the end, we captured a great performance in a very cool location with no hassle whatsoever.

Soft Pipes is the solo project of former Low vs. Diamond guitarist, Anthony Polcino. One album and one EP in and Anthony is already poised to surpass his former outfit. If you're in LA, be sure to head over to the Satellite on Tuesday evening for the “Stay Pretty” EP release show. Former featured artist Oh Darling will also be on the bill lending their support.

Soft Pipes - Stay Pretty

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Soft Pipes?

ANTHONY POLCINO: The music of Soft Pipes is just me being myself musically. I hope anyone that has the will to enjoy the music and get something from it will have access to it and do so. It's like me saying "Hello world, I'm Anthony. This is how I'm doing. How are you?"

GA: How has your songwriting changed since jumping into your own solo venture?

AP: My personal songwriting process hasn't really changed at all. It's definitely developed sonically, structurally, melodically, and lyrically in the short time I've been releasing music as a solo artist, but I think that is all a very natural progression because now I have room to breathe and get everything out with only myself as the editor.

GA: Any particular reason you chose Union Station to perform?

AP: I've found the history of Los Angeles to be a very alluring subject since I moved here in 2005, and Union Station is one of the older buildings in the sometimes forgotten Downtown area. The Architecture is really ornate and I knew it would look great on camera, and of course it has naturally great acoustics and reverberance that goes well with my sound. Also, I knew it'd be a place where people are coming and going, life is moving, the real world is happening, and there are people there who would never care about me or what I'm doing musically. It really takes it out of the studio, the bedroom, or the controlled live concert atmosphere and puts it into reality. I looked at it like a metaphor for me and what I'm doing. I'm just one guy, making my own little noise in a giant place where people have their own agendas and places to be. If you want to stop by and listen, feel free to do so.

GA: First album you spent your own hard earned money on as a kid?

AP: Just like so many from my time, that would have to be the CD version of Nirvana's "Nevermind." Unfortunately it didn't have the extra "secret" song and I was a bit bummed about it. Regardless, the guitar player in me was born.

GA: What other local artists (besides yourself of course) should people be checking out?

AP: There are so many fantastic ones out there right now that are basically undiscovered. Being part of the music scene in an area like Los Angeles- and just being the kind of person who pays attention to all music in general- I'm exposed to new stuff I like all the time. But for now, I'm going to have to stick with some of my close friends who are really talented all around musicians and songwriters. Jeff Kite is one, Christopher Pappas is another. Google their names. You'll find them.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

AP: That's a fun question. If it's a true hypothetical "anywhere" question, it could be as crazy as "in Paul McCartney's kitchen..." But in actuality, It'd probably be something like in a village in Mozambique or on Macch Picchu. That'd be pretty mind bending.

GA: Any last words?

AP: Doing this performance was a great experience. We should do it again sometime. Thanks to everyone for viewing and listening. I'm going to continue to put music out so I would hope that people will continue to dig it.

The “Stay Pretty” EP comes out Tuesday.

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