Take someone like a Ke$ha or Lady Gaga, stab them in the head with the digital art rock of The Knife and you might end up with something not unlike this week’s featured artist Quitzow... a must have for any indie hipster with a closeted love of pop music. Quitzow’s unique brand electronica will sate those auditory desires without destroying your precious indie cred.

If singer and Quitzow mastermind Erica Quitzow looks familiar to you, it’s because she made an appearance in last week’s performance by Setting Sun as bodega shopper and backup singer. This week, Setting Sun’s Gary Levitt returns the favor, taking his turn as backup. We realize that this performance is barely acoustic, but we caught Erica on the road with little time to prepare, so we gave her some slack.

Here’s what Erica had to say about her music, influences and playing with two bands a night:

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Quitzow?

ERICA QUITZOW: I guess I'm driven partly by a sense that I'm offering something the world needs to know, though I constantly question that instinct. What drives some artists to really push their work is often a sense of higher purpose, whether or not that's delusional is anyone's guess. I'm really trying to get people to let loose and I'm trying to create an endorphin rush. I make music with the intention of making the listener feel free and good. The world is in crisis, there's so much to be concerned about us and music can be an incredible aid in coping.

GA: Who are some of the artists who've influenced your unique sound?

EQ: Well I love all kinds of music with string orchestrations and have played in orchestras and listened extensively to all kinds of pop music with strings from The Beatles to Rasputina. I also love good simple pop music like Kanye West. I listen to a lot of synth based music like Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers. My current favorite pop band is Miike Snow, what a sound and what a name!

GA: Gary gave his road tripping tips last week. Any tips you want to share with the ladies?

EQ: For anyone, touring can be tough so you gotta be really present for the good moments, ESPECIALLY for the show. It's the entire purpose of the whole endeavor so you better enjoy it even if you're in Nashville with no air-conditioning playing to six people. You better try to give them something real and be there for every moment.

GA: You also play with Setting Sun. What's it like going out and playing two shows a night with two completely different bands?

EQ: I can't imagine being fulfilled by just one at this point. I get to be part of a solid rhythm section playing bass for setting sun. This is great for my head, it requires awareness and confidence and is just so fun. The Quitzow set is cathartic but requires a bit more mental strain, I've got more to think about technically with the synths and singing.

GA: What other local artists (besides yourselves of course) should people be checking out?

EQ: Landing on the Moon from Omaha. Their music is just so moving and beautiful, their live show literally makes me tear up and puts all my hairs on end.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

EQ: Oh boy, I'd like some more time to really get this one right, but off the top of my head... How about in a boat floating through the flooded areas of Pakistan while delivering food to it's victims. Or in a mosque near ground zero wearing a mini-skirt burka. I'm obsessed with this image of a short skirt and a veil as a way of taking back a device of female oppression by making it a fashion statement. If the world could tolerate that, then we'd be getting places.

GA: Better place to sing: Car or shower?

EQ: The car!! That's one of the more fun moments in life.

You can get Quitzow’s latest album “Juice Water” right here!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Cherry Blossom”, “The Cut”.



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