If you liked Smithfield Bargain when we had them on a few weeks back, you’ll definitely like this week’s featured band. How can I be sure? Because, The Brothers Landau comprise 2/3rds of that particular band and are just as pleasing to your precious ear holes.

While tending toward older, jazzier fare with Smithfield Bargain, here, brothers David and Daniel create their own unique brand of ultra-cool modern folk that just begs to be listened to while chilling out on the patio with your friends, kicking back a few glasses of wine. And as luck would have it, their album “Parallax” just came out last week... so pick up a copy, a bottle or three of Merlot and get to it already.

Here’s what David and Daniel had to say about their penchant for bridges, favorite brotherly attack methods and much more:

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about The Brothers Landau

DAVID: We are two real brothers who combine familiar styles to make something entirely new. Watch. More importantly, listen!

DANIEL: We have been working on our recently released album for right around two years, and it is now ready for your ears. We've gone through considerable effort to bring it to you fresh, so we hope you enjoy what we've had brewing for you for some time.

GA: Did you guys always write music together growing up, or is this a more recent thing?

DAVID: Daniel was always more overtly musical, whereas I took a break after elementary to pursue being lame. I resumed 'cello after high school and after I graduated I accrued enough cool points to write music with Daniel.

DANIEL: We didn't start writing until about 4 years ago, when we decided to compose together in this arrangement and I got the confidence to write lyrics to songs. From then on it's been pretty great, since we can get on each others' case about things in a sibling sort of way and still be OK with it.

GA: How do you approach writing for yourselves vs. Smithfield?

DAVID: It takes a bit more time. We like to get every single phrase the way we want it, and that is actually much harder with two siblings than with two siblings and an objective contributor.

DANIEL: Ditto, plus writing with Sri is a different experience, for she brings an extra-familial perspective to the writing, and she's really great to write with. Lookout for the more tracks from both of our projects soon!

GA: You played on the Shakespeare Bridge with Smithfield, and now here you are again on yet another bridge. What's up with that?

DAVID: We wanted a more rustic look. Get it? Har. Bridges are metaphorical. Think about why.

DANIEL: Bridges are an important part of infrastructure. Bridges are also really long weekends in spanish. But this time, we're using a pedestrian bridge, not an auto bridge. Pedestrians are the way of the future.

GA: Best brotherly form of attack: the noogie, the titty twister, or the Indian burn?

DAVID: I prefer the push down, sit on, and tickle. Much more fun.

DANIEL: Wait a minute, why are we promoting violence here, Mike? Though I frown on violence, Judo Chops are effective.

GA: If you had to tattoo one word on your forehead, what would it be?

DAVID: “What?”

DANIEL: The Constitution of the United States of America.

GA: What word would you tattoo on your brother's head?

DAVID: “Impotent”.

DANIEL: “Spring Break 1986”.

Pick up their brand new album “Parallax” here!. At just $5.99, you’d be crazy not to.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Intercontinental” & “The Price”