This week we're super psyched to bring you the debut of Last In Class, live and unplugged from Occupy LA. Last in Class is one of a number of local “supergroups” that have been cropping up on the LA scene of late. The appearance of these groups isn’t at all surprising given how closely knit the East LA scene can be. This particular ensemble includes members from a number of popular local bands including Wet & Reckless, Rex Aquarium, Russian Bones and the defunct, and still much loved, The Movies. Considering Occupy LA itself is comprised of many disparate voices coming together for one common purpose, it seems a fitting place for Last in Class to make their debut.

If you want to hear more from Last in Class, you’ll need to head on down to Casey’s Irish Bar this, or any other Saturday in November.

GORILLACOUSTIC: What does the world need to know about Last in Class?

LAST IN CLASS: Last in Class is singer/songwriter Emily Wilder (Wet & Reckless); lead guitarist Chris Watson (Loves Lies Sleeping, Juliette Lewis and the Licks; Russian Bones); drummer Charlie Wadhams (Rex Aquarium, Willoughby) and bassist Jessica Gelt (the Movies, Wet & Reckless). The band formed in early October, and in a matter of weeks had coalesced around a unique collection of playful, rhythm-drenched pop-punk tunes that perfectly reflect the sun-bleached landscape of 2011 L.A. Every Saturday night in November Last in Class will play its first residency at Casey's Irish Bar, downtown.

GA: What does the world NOT need to know about Last in Class?

LIC: Jessica wakes up every morning and reads Mediabistro updates; Chris is starting a craft distillery in the band's practice space; Charlie has a beer alarm on his iPhone; Emily's closet is really a black hole.

GA: Well, we're honored to have you debuting the band on the site. How did this new group come together?

LIC: We just had a weird kinship. Jessica had played with Charlie in the Movies; Charlie had played with Chris in a band Jessica loved in the early aughts called the Unknowns; Emily and Jessica had lived together in a tiny studio above Sunset Blvd. when they began playing in Wet & Reckless; the four often found themselves in the same strange corners of the L.A. night sharing beer, foreign liqueur and a laugh. Music came naturally enough after that.

GA: What are some of the rejected band names? I know I heard a few awesomely offensive one's while shooting?

LIC: Oh, yikes, we're really going to get ourselves in trouble here. But here goes: The La Brea Armpits; Party Pants; and the absolutely incredible: Incest (I get it now!). Don't ask. Seriously.

GA: What are your thoughts on the Occupy movement?

LIC: We're big fans. If nothing else it's absolutely magical to bear witness to real and sustainable public dissent. Especially in a time of massive global upheaval. America is still with it, just when we thought we weren't! Let's just hope that a charismatic third-party candidate will rise from the camps.

GA: If you could do another gorillacoustic performance anywhere else in the world, where would you do it?

LIC: Moscow's Red Square. Or maybe the Lapa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro where all the kids party and dance in the street. That, or Charlie's living room at 4 a.m. You never know who you're gonna find there.

GA: Any last words?

LIC: Come see us at Casey's. Really. You won't regret it. We'll be wearing our party pants, but we encourage you to leave your pants at home.